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(Re-posted from another blog o’mine, slightly edited) I see through it all; this is the maxim of our time. It is more than irony, this cynicism, because it takes the conditions of its existence and itself as entirely necessary. How can there be truth, or Truth, if I can see through it. The jouissance of […]

A body factory


I just came across an article by feminist Anwyn Crawford on the relationship between anorexia and capitalism. Crawford lays out the claims of her text in this passage: Anorexia, I would argue, is one of these resistance points. It is a deeply flawed one, not least because its form of resistance lies in acting out […]

naked art


Reposted from Autodespair* Visitors to the Museum of Modern Art’s eyebrow-raising new exhibit have been getting a little too grabby with the show’s naked performers — earning some the boot. Read more: There is something quite attractive in this idea but also something quite disturbing. On the one hand, who hasn’t ever felt like […]



something stolen from the blog Dystopolitik, which I have just this night discovered: What is often characterized as “mass hysteria” that has become so prevalent in our political climate of fear of terrorism, is better understood as a form of hallucination, a fundamentally deluded vision of the world political scene containing vast networks of terrorist […]

Various quotations from the absurdist playwright I am fond of: The universe seems to me infinitely strange and foreign.¬† At such a moment I gaze upon it with a mixture of anguish and euphoria; separate from the universe, as though placed at a certain distance outside it;¬† I look and see pictures, creatures that move […]

If we live in a world where politics is nothing but the consumption of an identity-of-resistance, then in order to outmanoeuvre politics, we must vomit up our identities wholesale. Becoming opaque to the managers of empire, we subtract ourselves from their forms of accounting as well… … I need to become anonymous. In order to […]

In my previous post I talked about the demand that everything/everyone be made transparent. This can be seen everywhere from CCTV and these new police-drones, to the relentless rise of how-to guides and self-help books, the paradigm of confession, governmental and corporate transparency (which is only ever ideological in form, there is no real transparency […]

Police in the UK are planning to use unmanned spy drones, controversially deployed in Afghanistan, for the “routine” monitoring of antisocial motorists, protesters, agricultural thieves and fly-tippers, in a significant expansion of covert state¬†surveillance. The above is from a Guardian report that the UK police are intending to use unmanned surveillance drones in order to […]