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The Guardian is reporting that the health minister is pioneering a new form of politically inflected avant-garde comedy that seeks to subvert the Government and the NHS management’s credibility. A Situationist saboteur at the heart of government, enacting a detournement of the mediatic management of reality. Look out for Andrew’s own opinion unobtrusively expressed in […]

Blog post on cyborgs, the virtual-as-prosthetic and simulation over at Jim Rossignol. What is important here is to recognise how the cyborg, and the nature of the cyborg in our world of information, is not the nature of Robocop and other such crude caricatures collisions of humanity and technology. The cyborg is mental, psychic. The […]

Its critics have suggested it amounts to little more than sitting inside a giant tin can in a Moscow hangar with no sun, no fresh water, no alcohol and (one assumes) no sex for 520 interminable days. But as the six fearless volunteers this afternoon sealed themselves inside a simulated mission to Mars, grinning and […]

A new British TV show, Eyewitness, is a genuinely disturbing piece of “forced reality TV”. I’m not going to talk at all about it, cos I’m still processing how….warped it is. It is something that might have been imagined in JG Ballard or Philip K. Dick’s darker moments. Featuring modern police officers schooled in cognitive […]

The human is indissolubly linked with imitation: a human being only becomes human at all by imitating other human beings. -Theodore Adorno And the mode of imitation is rule governed, it is the game of social regulation, the distribution of behaviours and “personality types”, the whole edifice of appearances. As such simulation and inauthenticity as […]