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Why look at his reassuring smile and strong, bold use of eyebrows (note also the dramatic ‘one eye slightly closed’ technique, conjuring up an air of confidence not seen since the demise of Futurism). Observe how we sits, situated between the great vastness of a blue sky, pregnant with the promise of untrammelled progress incited […]



just a child playing at a man, she said. i have to wonder now that she really believes we aren’t all pretending, that authenticity itself is simply commitment to the act. and accusations of being disingenuous or secret motivations when asking who or what or how the day has been. i know the path i […]

So it simply can be reduced to one thing: that authenticity is the path. No matter what path you follow, if you are authentic, every path leads to the goal. And the opposite is also true: no matter what path you follow, if you are not authentic you will not reach anywhere. Your authenticity brings […]



there are so many traps convoluted attempts to reveal some inauthenticity. doesn’t it get tiring? isn’t it possible that there is no distance sometimes between what is said and what is felt and come to that immediacy is a compulsive liar. there is no need to be a master but even artists learn technique.

Many organisations prepare scripts for emergency situations such as bomb threats and handling customer complaints because during service interruptions, panic or stress can interfere with the ability of an employee to think clearly. The script then becomes a device for coping with problems. – The Institute for Working Futures The Script is a device. A […]