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The Guardian is reporting that the health minister is pioneering a new form of politically inflected avant-garde comedy that seeks to subvert the Government and the NHS management’s credibility. A Situationist saboteur at the heart of government, enacting a detournement of the mediatic management of reality. Look out for Andrew’s own opinion unobtrusively expressed in […]

An interesting article on mindfulness in mental health from the perspective of Contemplative Psychotherapy…something I’d not heard of before. The situation discussed is frankly frighteningly similar to one I’ve been in recently. Reflecting on the recent suicides in Dundee (six of seven of which were all young men) and on the more general fact that […]



I have noticed that my poems are becoming less cryptic lately. I can’t help feel that this is because I’m beginning to shed the convoluted way I used to think; stuck in overly rational, overly abstract and constantly complexity-creating patterns where all spontaneity was strangled and clogged up. I was my own little BP oil […]