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I thought I’d still post here from time to time but it seems this place is dead. If anyone out there is or ever was interested I now blog exclusively at here. Actually, even if you are not and never have been interested I demand that you go there now. Advertisements–the-case-for-and-against-total-surveillance-20111122-1nry4.html Facial recognition: the case for and against ‘total surveillance’ Asher Moses November 22, 2011 Comments 217 Vote Ads by Google Try Bamboo at PC Win £500 of PC World vouchers with Bamboo Pen & Touch Tablets Aussies the face of facial recognition RAW VISION: See why local face recognition developers NICTA are at […]

Mark Pearson, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development: “The UK is one of the best performers in the world. But outcomes are not what you expect because there is a big reform every five years. We calculate that each reform costs two years of improvements in quality. No country reforms its health service as frequently […]

Hey, want to be spied on? (It’s a fun new feature!) If you volunteer, we’ll give you and a stranger a random question to discuss. The question comes from a third stranger who will be able to watch your chat, but unable to participate. Of course, this is still completely anonymous!



furtive glances at what at who and run away perhaps the distance will heal the cuts, the burns, the months of waiting when all i want is some peace some refrain that isn’t criminal coffee maybe or a shared joke instead of this pretending that no sighs or tears or blood was ever shed

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It is banal to say it: an amputee loses a limb in order that the entire organism may survive. A part is lost in order that the whole survive. But it must adapt. Navigating previously easy tasks becomes hard again. Sequencing must be re-learnt. Perhaps from this the writer’s seeming inability to live with as […]

All sorts at GEX, found on Supervert.

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Let’s listen to a music Wasn’t that nice?

What is most interesting about Mike Davies short article on 9/11 is not that he identifies “the attackers and the attacked” as in “collusion”- the idea of a collaborative antagonism is well established- but the way it concludes: Enmired in wars with phantoms, Washington has been blindsided by every major trend of the last decade. […]

Amputation This dream shows that you have or will encounter some type of loss and that it is important to take action so you can prevent this. When we dream of losing one of our own limbs (arms or legs) this means that we are worried about losing something that is important to you, and […]