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(Re-posted from another blog o’mine, slightly edited) I see through it all; this is the maxim of our time. It is more than irony, this cynicism, because it takes the conditions of its existence and itself as entirely necessary. How can there be truth, or Truth, if I can see through it. The jouissance of […]

It excites and depresses me how often I read something by Levi Bryant and think “yes! that’s what I’ve been trying to think/say for some time!” Exciting because it’s being said, coming to light, and depressing because I don’t have the intellect, time or motivation to actually do the knitty gritty of making these formulations. […]

If it is true that people increasingly tend to feel life as suffering, first and foremost as their own suffering, then this explains why so many chauvinists are ready to take ownership of the suffering of those they seem to share so much with. Our boys on the front-line, our old people, our kids.  In a world […]

An axiom


The background to this is discussion had over the years with people about foreign aid. One of the most common reaction to stories about saved lives in the developing world, in nations crippled by poverty and disease, civil war and/or famine, is “oh great, more mouths that will need feeding”, the implication being feeding by […]

A partisan of immanence is a true anarchist -Prodhoun, De La Justice I’ve been talking to a friend about anarchism quite a lot recently. It’s lead me to draw up a kind of reading list for him. That has led me to this fascinating article by Jesse Cohn, an anarchist known for his critique of […]

Real Fictions


One of the things I’ve blogged about on here is the reality of fictions…the idea that fictional entities, symbolic entities, religious entities and so forth are entirely real…I have done that mainly with reference to Baudrillard but over at Larval Subjects Levi Bryant makes the case, as usual, far more convincingly than I could. Read […]

Following on from last post and from an aphorism I wrote a little while ago, I just stumbled upon this: The desire to be seen is confounded at the very moment of it’s possible consummation- when the performer’s eyes alight on us. Only as holders of the gaze do we have any agency in this […]

Not that the quality of this blog has ever been astounding but it really has dropped off since I started living with people. These aren’t ordinary flatmates though, the kind who busy themselves with their own lives and leave you to your own; the kind with whom you can choose to pass the evening or […]

Jirí Pehe on the complexities of the Left in its relation to the welfare state (a democratic leftist critique of the radical left): Petra de Vries on viewing contemporary sex-work through the lens of 19th century abolishionist discourse: Jason Read reviews Judith Butler and Catherine Malabou’s exchange on finding a new way to […]

Buddha object


In the last couple of years I have been following, to the best of my limited ability, the rise of object-oriented philosophy. Over the six or seven months or so I have also been growing increasingly interested in Buddhism. It seems the two are in collision. Here is a link to Timothy Morton’s posts on […]