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In discussing apparent shifts in public attitudes towards mental illness, the resource points out that although people are likely to take a sympathetic view of mental illness they still report that they would keep their own illness secret (NHS 2010). This feeds into why the law may be anti-discriminatory but other social practices do not […]

“Some people believe that the worst excesses of institutional and structural discrimination in Scotland have either been removed, or at the least are gradually being eroded. For example, the law now prohibits discrimination on the basis of age, disability, gender, race, religion and sexual- orientation (although not, it should be noted, class or poverty).” -NHS, […]

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Reposted from Autodespair* Visitors to the Museum of Modern Art’s eyebrow-raising new exhibit have been getting a little too grabby with the show’s naked performers — earning some the boot. Read more: There is something quite attractive in this idea but also something quite disturbing. On the one hand, who hasn’t ever felt like […]

Things become more real in proportion to the unreality of individual lives. The world has never been more real than it is now. -Don DeLillo, Americana It strikes me as strange, and yet obvious somehow, that as I explore the erosion of selfhood (or the mutation of personhood) I am increasingly drawn to object-oriented ways […]