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Why look at his reassuring smile and strong, bold use of eyebrows (note also the dramatic ‘one eye slightly closed’ technique, conjuring up an air of confidence not seen since the demise of Futurism). Observe how we sits, situated between the great vastness of a blue sky, pregnant with the promise of untrammelled progress incited […]

Unison has failed to understand Andrew Lansley’s overseeing of the Coalition plans to ‘redesignate’ the NHS. As such, the silly sods are going to be joining a lot of other foolhardy unions in striking on the 30th of November. I’ll be in attendance at my local picket line reading extracts from the Government’s denial that […]

The Guardian is reporting that the health minister is pioneering a new form of politically inflected avant-garde comedy that seeks to subvert the Government and the NHS management’s credibility. A Situationist saboteur at the heart of government, enacting a detournement of the mediatic management of reality. Look out for Andrew’s own opinion unobtrusively expressed in […]

The Eurozone


If empires didn’t fall, they’d have to tear themselves apart.

Al-Qaida, founded by bin Laden in 1988, was only ever one of scores of militant groups, all with deep roots in the individual circumstances and histories of different parts of the Islamic world. Sometimes its leader succeeded in binding a few of these fractious and often parochial outfits together around a single agenda to fight […] White House crowds cheer Bin Laden death US President Barack Obama has announced that US forces killed al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden in an operation in Pakistan. The crowds started gathering outside the White House even before President Obama delivered the news. Word spread quickly as US television networks gave advance warning of what […]

All very odd. Guardian has a number of articles on the UK Government’s Action for Happiness, an initiative looking to create a happier society. Even in the midst of austerity. An editorial here.

Here. Yes, we should be the pupils of such movements, and not their stupid teachers.

Big Society


As something of an anarchist and a student nurse the ‘Big Society’ is something I’m deeply frightened by Cameron’s approach. Here is a blog article that relates the ideas of the Big Society explicitly with anarchism in order to show up some of the broader problems with it- problems that I, with a focus on […]



A couple of enlightening posts on the Egyptian movement from Lenin’s Tomb, go here and here or suffer my wrath.