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I find it strange that my own political engagement, with all its bad faith and boredom, has declined as the waves of protest have gone on. I trace this to a lack of hope. The article, reproduced below, is symptomatic of why. Essentially, the tl;dr version is this: people are complaining about capitalism- thankfully not […]

Jirí Pehe on the complexities of the Left in its relation to the welfare state (a democratic leftist critique of the radical left): Petra de Vries on viewing contemporary sex-work through the lens of 19th century abolishionist discourse: Jason Read reviews Judith Butler and Catherine Malabou’s exchange on finding a new way to […]

What follows is the review of some film trailers, a peicing together of a picture from them. This might seem odd unless one bears in mind the lesson of Schlegel quoted beneath this blog’s header: the fragment is complete in itself. Here then is an exploration of some fragments of a film, itself a fragment […]

I am slightly late in this news but Zero Books has announced a new title on the strange philosopher’s zombie that calls itself David Cameron. David Cameron has been sold to the British electorate as a thoroughly modern politician, part Blair, part Thatcher, a one nation conservative with a soft spot for social democracy, the […]

Some excepts from Mutual Aid And by way of an update, Mary Midgley from 2007: The ideology Dawkins is selling is the worship of competition. It is projecting a Thatcherite take on economics on to evolution. It’s not an impartial scientific view; it’s a political drama



The people on the streets of Athens do not suffer this malaise. They are clear who the enemy is and regard themselves as once again under foreign occupation. And once again, they are rising up, with courage. When David Cameron begins to cleave £6bn from public services in Britain, he will be bargaining that Greece […]

Blurb: Meet the new revolutionaries of the Do-It-Yourself cultures in Barcelona, Tallin and Jakarta. They are modern day heroes. They do not wait for political parties or institutions to change their world; they simply do it themselves, by creating new local currencies, by working in social networks or by simply robbing the banks and redistributing […]

Reposted from anarchist don Ian Bone’s blog Power Vacuum: People’s Assembly London, Saturday 2pm As the parties dither  and horse trade around the projected  hung parliament for a few days the call has gone out for a PEOPLES ASSEMBLY on Parliament Green at 2pm Saturday. In fact some tents are pitched up there already! In […]

Most of the threats we face today are not external (or “natural”), but generated by human activity shaped by science (the ecological consequences of our industry, say, or the psychic consequences of uncontrolled genetic engineering), so that the sciences are simultaneously the source of such threats, our best hope of understanding those threats, and the […]

But why should I change? Who ultimately has the right or the authority to order me to change? This is, for Sloterdijk, the crisis itself: economic, cultural, moral and ecological crisis. If bankers in their unbridled greed can steal billions, if a vast number of people think of cable television as “culture” and of hamburgers […]