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The Guardian is reporting that the health minister is pioneering a new form of politically inflected avant-garde comedy that seeks to subvert the Government and the NHS management’s credibility. A Situationist saboteur at the heart of government, enacting a detournement of the mediatic management of reality. Look out for Andrew’s own opinion unobtrusively expressed in […]

“Some people believe that the worst excesses of institutional and structural discrimination in Scotland have either been removed, or at the least are gradually being eroded. For example, the law now prohibits discrimination on the basis of age, disability, gender, race, religion and sexual- orientation (although not, it should be noted, class or poverty).” -NHS, […]

“It’s a lie, it doesn’t work like that,” he said. “You only really change things if you bring people with you and if they play their part.” “It’s time to say to Labour: it’s not about you, the government. It’s about we, the people. And it’s time to say to those who think it’s all […]

Thus we are not exactly real for one another, nor are quite real even to ourselves. And this alterity is our best chance of attracting and being attracted to others, of seducing and being seduced. Put simply, our chance at life. The alterity that Baudrillard refers to here is that created, or maintained, by Illusion. […]



One of the theorists that I feel strongly aligned to, in terms of my ‘project’ on psychopathology and capitalism, is Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi. At the moment, sitting on my desk beside me, is a copy of his most recently translated text The Soul at Work which I intend to start reading tomorrow. This post-marxist, post-autonomia […]