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I find it strange that my own political engagement, with all its bad faith and boredom, has declined as the waves of protest have gone on. I trace this to a lack of hope. The article, reproduced below, is symptomatic of why. Essentially, the tl;dr version is this: people are complaining about capitalism- thankfully not […]

A conference about anarchy, featuring Judith Butler among others

Action preserves a sense of self-identity that reflection dispels. When we are at work in the world we have a seeming solidity. Action gives us consolation for our inexistence. It is not the idle dreamer who escapes from reality. It is practical men and women, who turn to a life of action as a refuge […]

A partisan of immanence is a true anarchist -Prodhoun, De La Justice I’ve been talking to a friend about anarchism quite a lot recently. It’s lead me to draw up a kind of reading list for him. That has led me to this fascinating article by Jesse Cohn, an anarchist known for his critique of […]

If order is natural and possible in the universe, it is only because the universe is not governed according to some pre imagined system imposed by a supreme will. The theological hypothesis of divine legislation leads to an obvious absurdity, to the negation not only of all order but of nature herself. Natural laws are […]

Big Society


As something of an anarchist and a student nurse the ‘Big Society’ is something I’m deeply frightened by Cameron’s approach. Here is a blog article that relates the ideas of the Big Society explicitly with anarchism in order to show up some of the broader problems with it- problems that I, with a focus on […]


A while ago I posted a stunted piece expressing my hope for a relationship between object-oriented ontology and anarchism, which I intuitively sense as fairly natural partners. I’m rather late on noticing that I’m not the only one to have had this thought. People far more involved in OOO than I could ever be at […]

Jirí Pehe on the complexities of the Left in its relation to the welfare state (a democratic leftist critique of the radical left): Petra de Vries on viewing contemporary sex-work through the lens of 19th century abolishionist discourse: Jason Read reviews Judith Butler and Catherine Malabou’s exchange on finding a new way to […]

“Some people believe that the worst excesses of institutional and structural discrimination in Scotland have either been removed, or at the least are gradually being eroded. For example, the law now prohibits discrimination on the basis of age, disability, gender, race, religion and sexual- orientation (although not, it should be noted, class or poverty).” -NHS, […]