Dreaming of amputation


This dream shows that you have or will encounter some type of loss and that it is important to take action so you can prevent this. When we dream of losing one of our own limbs (arms or legs) this means that we are worried about losing something that is important to you, and you are concerned in case something does not work out in some way. This dream also indicates there is some thing that is bothering you. To have your arms amputated denotes that a relative or friend will cause you loss in the future.

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The word “Amputation” is taken from the Latin term “amputare” this means “to cut out”. To dream an animal such as a dog or cat has had an amputation means that someone close to you will encounter some minor loss.

The message: life is too fast and you are trying to save even five minutes.

The message is to slow down. This dream also signifies that there is something that faces you that you have never encountered before. Loosing a body part is a sign that you need to take care of yourself and relationships in the future.

This dream can also mean that you are neglecting some part of your life. The dream generally means that if your leg was removed in a way that caused you suffering then something will be removed in your life. This dream has some positive aspects, if the amputation represents the removal of a hand, can also mean that something will be removed in your life which is no longer desired. To dream of someone with a false leg generally means that it is time to move forward with a business matter.

Amputation would normally happen in a hospital operating room, if this was the case in your dream then times are going to be rocky for a short period, but everything will work out in the end. If amputation is performed to stop the spreading of a disease such as gangrene as a complication of frostbite, injury, diabetes, hardening of the arteries or any other sickness that impairs blood circulation then it is time to stop what you are doing in connection with a loved one (talk to them) and think about how they feel.

To see an amputation being carried out in a war due to a loss of blood and infection in a person who has suffered severe untreatable damage to a limb denotes times of money and possible gambling.

If in your dream you are performing an amputation means that the area of your life which will change will be your own decision. If you dream of a fitted artificial limb, or prosthesis then a situation in your life is fake and deep down you know it.

To dream of an amputation due to an accident means you need to be careful. To dream of this being caused by an animal attack means someone is in the background speaking about you.

As mentioned before, amputation in the old times often occurred due to the battlefield, many books recount the story of Lord Uxbridge, a British cavalry officer who has his leg removed in the Battle of Waterloo.

To dream of self amputation is different from general amputation and you should seek the meaning by clicking here.


2 Responses to “Dreaming of amputation”

  1. 1 Graham Joncas

    It might be more profitable to turn to psychoanalysts like Freud & Lacan rather than a Jungian dream dictionary if you want to further interpret your fascination with amputation. Try here (the final paragraph in particular) and here. (I hope you don’t think I’m being unjust in jumping from amputation to castration, but any psychoanalyst would instantly make that same association.)

    Freud & Lacan think that symbols are not universal (‘archetypal’), but that the connotations for symbols are unique for each person. For example, Francis Bacon had an operation on his mouth during his childhood, and thus contorted mouths often appear in his paintings, since they are linked with strong negative emotions. The vast majority of people, however, do not associate mouths with horror. Still, I’m positive that there is a dream dictionary somewhere which posits an archetypal meaning for mouths which is supposedly universal across all cultures and times. There are general connotations to mouths (e.g. accumulation) that are similar throughout humanity, inasmuch as human anatomy is similar across all of these cultures, but it’s deceptive to try and draw any ‘universal’ conclusions from these general patterns.

    Sorry to rant; I just think that archetypal thinking is one of the most harmful forms of semiotic complacency that one can engage in. (If you’re interested, I wrote about how this type of thinking contributed to the impotence of the London riots here.)

    • 2 dronemodule

      Really just a holding post. A place to put a thing. I don’t think the jump to Castration is unjust at all. Simply not a route I’m looking at yet.

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