Voyeuristic solipsism


Following on from last post and from an aphorism I wrote a little while ago, I just stumbled upon this:

The desire to be seen is confounded at the very moment of it’s possible consummation- when the performer’s eyes alight on us. Only as holders of the gaze do we have any agency in this economy. In the economy of the signifying system, only as voyeurs do we hold a position marked with meaning.

Perhaps more strongly then the new social solipsists who only exist if they are seen by other’s who only count as voyeurs upon them are themselves the voyeuristic party…….partaking in the fantasy of others who would bestow meaning and existence on them. A strange immaterialism of visual culture that negates both parties in its operation…….ensuring that the enmeshed connectivity of ontologically hypochondriac individuals is intensified through the attempts at its amelioration……coping mechanisms, as often is the case, exciting the pathology to new heights………ensnaring ever more and generalising the claim that there is no such thing as society.

This isn’t just a Hegelian dialectic of recognition. This is the destruction of the possibility of recognition itself. Or rather, which is the same, the revealing of a mode of recognition (ahead of itself) as already pathological. This because the desire to be seen is ultimately the desire to see. Transparency.

HERE I AM NAKED BEFORE YOU……….translates as the demand that you be naked before me. Voyeurism is about distance, separation. One can’t peep through the windows if there is no wall. Voyeurism is a practice conjuring up the metaxu, the separation that also unites………..the relation. But, it is a cultural practice……….one which seeks, first and foremost, to fetishise the division between self and other in a world where that division is being denied………

perhaps even this is a reaction against the truths of ecology, the necessary implication of each and every singular and non-repeating being as nested within and related to, even despite/because of the withdrawn nature of each, that seeks to return to a world where there was no need to elaborate division. A nostalgia for a disciplinary age, then?

……….A voyeurism that is an exhibitionism and visa-versa.

It’s 3:45. I don’t know if I’m even making sense.


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