Prosthetic Age


Hard to know impacts and inscriptions,

Things translatable tend towards translation,

Even in the intimacy, the carotid circulation of the ragdoll soul.

There is a practice of evisceration extolled since ancients.

Since ancients cast a glamour on the crackpot machines

of pneumatic dissimulations. Hard to say, precisely.

A scapular scratching. And we’ve paved over those royal roads,

Sent cinders to the palaces and prison cells the same

And made Observation of that old impulse,

the controlled uncontrollable manages to disrobe:

It’s in the papers and on TV. It’s in your night terrors and your






Swaying from one and another again,

A balance book of whys and wherefores,

Totals staggering drunk and collapsing in the afternoon.

No one sees. It’s everywhere. In contempt of it there is an exaggeration.

A fear of the still. A need to keep on going. Prosthetic and injection:

A discourse of misery in the midst of promiscuity;

Disease vectors are a game of who the hell can care or tell;

Omnipotence and Viagra among our suicidal Gods-


The return of an aetheric subtle  metaphor.


Sickness escapes the body and swims across the cold damp floor.

Plexiglass shatterings. Amoebas in the titillation gather,

Agranulocytosis  of the umbilicus holding patterns

Of intimate connections in their shapes. Kissing open and wanting secret.

Sleeping on the bonfire and waking up unscathed,

Already burned away. And the inoculants against this…


everything hurtling to determined evaporations and drift away.

Hard to care at times, even. But always to return.

No amount of necrophilial joy, no amount of pretending at the double-blind.

Keep in time with me sweetheart, I’m exploding in fallout shelter


…I’m devastating depopulated worlds.


We sink further by the fire’s electronic glow. We sit deeper in the deadflesh leather.

We forget our names and slink away from one another.

Intact, darling one true love,


is this intact?


Is there any sense of reprise to this?

Are the landfills in your cavities?


Is this



sweetheart no-




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