I reprogrammed my genes to suffer,
Don’t weep for what may never be but
Keep tissue stuffed in your tearducts.
Consume vast amounts of liquid coolants.
Mix a cocktail with a spoon made of
disappointed dreams.
And always burn your facial hair in public.

Biographies are best read allowed by the blind
in auditoriums filled with fax machines and god.
If you read on the toilet it should also be
where you tell the truth, so stop on meditate on faeces.
Love. Also, I was drunk.
Unless otherwise stated, it is safe to assume I’m drunk.

Tonight, I am not drunk.
What is there to be sure or unsure about?
As it was written, so it shall be.
A man can’t keep vacuums in his eyeballs and not expect a few disasters.
don’t want vacuums in my eyes…
they’re just like that
…all autonomous and whatnot…
occasionally I can consume an entire room before I notice its empty.
And are these Figments or fragments?
If you’re imagination cracks does it seep into the heads of other people?
Can you make my schemas go all turbulent? Such power!
I don’t feel very well and it’s all someone else’s fault.


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