Chilean Miners/Colonists of the Earth


Associated Press Writers= SAN JOSE MINE, Chile (AP) — The miners who spent 69 agonizing days deep under the Chilean earth were hoisted one by one to freedom Wednesday, their rescue moving with remarkable speed while their countrymen erupted in cheers and the world watched transfixed.

i was secretly hoping they would actively refuse to be rescued, that they would sneer at the idea that the rescuers were anything more than an invasion force corrupting their subterranean peace. But then, even at those depths- their vital organs monitored, video cameras checking for signs of panic, NASA donated hi-tech food stuffs- they didn’t manage to scratch out a little breathing room. 

At the same time, this:

Sepulveda’s performance exiting from the shaft appeared to confirm what many Chileans thought when they saw his engaging performances in videos sent up from below — that he could have a future as a TV personality….”The only thing I’ll ask of you is that you don’t treat me as an artist or a journalist, but as a miner,” he said. “I was born a miner and I’ll die a miner.”


Perhaps, down in the darkness, a potential autonomous zone, with its financial backers and charismatic TV persona sending regular communiques from the darkness, things had already begun morphing into some primordial proto-fascism?

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