men talking about women


its a time since we last met.
well fed and sipping wine but not enough for drunken.
Stoke Newington. We talk. Centres.
Souls. Politics as evaporation.
We turn to women. To the women we have known.
The women we have loved.
Everything can be forgotten, he says, if a gorgeous girl walks by.
I adore women, I tell him. An adoration that blunts the deeper eyes.
We think on this. Saying nothing. Jazz flares behind us.
Out of the window it is dark and close.
Scensters walk by towards bars and sex and the loudness.
It has cost us both so much.
Down the road a banner hangs outside a Church on Green Lanes:
The Birthplace of Feminism- Mary Wollstonecraft. The dates of her birth
And death.


2 Responses to “men talking about women”

  1. Oh it’s me, Anne, logged into one of my blogs. Feminism. I am so old that I was around for the big feminist movement that began in this country in the sixties. We have not reached into men’s sensibilities, and that to me is the biggest battlefield.

    • 2 dronemodule

      I don’t even pretend to be a feminist anymore. Certainly I’m in favour of feminism but I agree…it hasn’t penetrated into the subjective core…and I think for any man it would be complacent to assume it had.

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