An open question to readers


What is more important: the start of something, the experience through its duration or its final ceassation? In the competition of memories and experiences as they jostle for inclusion and prominence, prestige and exclusivity as mediators in our narrative compositions, existential structures of significance, the production of Imago, schematic recombinants, regimes of signs and symptoms through which self-observation and understanding as well as the (un)conscious negotiations with other units of the world- which of them succeeds in becoming definitive? Which conjures magic and upholds the most mythic weight? When we explain things to ourselves, vital things that interrupt the passing of days, which is it that sutures us back together?

Perhaps like all such questions it is asked with a compulsion accompanied by the dim sense of its own pointless unanswerability. Just more meaning, barely distinguishable from the gestures of strangers on the street, the iconography of advertising, the wan secretion of music from the earplugs of teenagers on the train. Maybe we ask too much at too demanding a level. Maybe Meaning is the problem. Isn’t it just enough to sit quietly and look? It used to be, in infancy, in other places and other times. Or is that all construction as well?


17 Responses to “An open question to readers”

  1. While it is ceaselessly fascinating to certain brains to ask and ponder questions like the ones you’ve put in this post, I have to come down in the end to soul answers, rather than cerebral ones. I can cerebrate all I want, but in the end, a memory’s character (terrible, sweet, whatever) is determined by the effect it had on my soul. Some wonderful things happen on the way to something heinous, and vice versa, and I myself must always feel the dearness of the dear part together with the rage and bitterness of the ill part.

  2. 2 dronemodule

    Sure, sure. But unless we’re going to say there are two worlds the soul and brain have to be part of each other. I used to cerebrate all the time, used to force the world into whatever theoretical categories caught my eye at that time. I don’t anymore. But to ignore the cerebral aspect is to ignore a part of reality and a big part of the reality of ourselves. We don’t have an either/or choice between head and heart. Trick is to observe them both.

  3. sure sure? droney that came across as quite dismissive…tut tut

    the thing is, i believe, is to remember that the soul comes before – ignited before – the cerebral…you must contest to the soul, believe in the soul before you can ever fully appreciate the symptom, that being the brain… while we live we must pay attention to both, for that is what makes us human…we must always remember and pay homage to the bearer of our cerebral….

    you, my friend, sometimes forget and rely back on purely cerebral….but i believe in teaching old dogs new tricks, so youll keep đŸ˜‰

  4. contest…whoops, meant connect


  5. 5 dronemodule

    I didn’t mean to be dismissive. D’oh! My apologies to Anne.

    Yes, you’re quite right Vibes…..i’m not doing that so much anymore. its always a temptation but…well, i don’t think its a question of which comes first anyway…they’re the same thing in different modes of being. Like heat and light maybe?

    HEY! I AM NOT OLD! hehehe…i suppose on getting closer to it though hehe

  6. not a question of which comes first? so they are simultaneous? ….funny, i know someone who said just that

    it always takes me to say something opposite to what ive said prior before you agree to my original assertion and make it your own assertion

    works like a treat!

  7. 7 dronemodule


    its just that i get caught up in things. but i don’t believe in binaries and i don’t believe in a mind-body split…so they have to be simultaneous…just appearing differently

  8. hehe

    nah the soul always comes first, until we are in our human body then we must find the balance…

  9. 9 dronemodule

    Scintilla in material, fragmented from a fullness, a cascading error…demented creator in absentia… the question of beginnings makes no sense…i’ve never actually experienced the start of things…its always the in between…

  10. just because youve never felt youve experienced doesnt mean it doesnt exist, nor does it mean you havent actually done it…

  11. 11 dronemodule

    this is true. lurking things…unseen or unnoticed…

  12. shouldnt you be holidaying it up???

  13. 13 dronemodule

    I am…cant be out an about all the time though.

  14. eh, yes you can. try it. stay out forever.

    • 15 dronemodule

      Where would I sleep? Or maybe I can just give sleeping up…just like eating i bet sleeping is just another lie “they” tell us…

  15. sleeping, eating and breathing…all lies…in order to keep us in our mortal chains….bastards

    • 17 dronemodule

      Well, that settles it…I’m trading this body in an becoming a rainbow…an inverted rainbow…

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