casino royale


I went to a Casino last night for a drink with a pal and watched him, and all the others in there, gamble. I’ve been in casinos before but there was something about this one. It was the most soulless place on Earth. What summed it up was the lounge singer woman, backed up a casio-sounding machine, singing in that odd way lounge singers do, to an enraptured audience of none. A Russian man offered me a flat while we were both outside smoking and told me that he left Russia because of a ‘big money problem’. When I went for a bit of fresh air I saw an office across the road all flashing lights and dance music. People were smoking so I asked what was happening. This is how they get rewarded for a good week’s work, the coked off his face Frenchman informed me. Sales, y’see..for charities. He wheeled off a list of the high earners on his team and their obscenely high salaries and bonuses. You didn’t see any of them going into the casino. What is a casino? Its a leech applied to the poor.


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