First words spoken as the panic waves collapse
Currency comes slippery from numb blazed brow
The right of cicatrix safety checks as groundworks fell away
Beginning what began in the dormancy of life
The mute materials of a barren creed
And the schizophrenic lapdance that siphoned these souls

They brought liquids in clear glass
Under canopy of skinsheet liquoring dedications
Ceremonial castings upon the neutral waves
Tell me this isn’t a tourism as the promise reverts to clay
One last symptom crying out for a stilfed breath
This concrete foreign where cultures died
Where did I forget my history?
A procession on the promenade of indignity
Lurching catheterisation of the ventricular priesthood
A monk is a muttering of mendacious mimicry
These inoculants are set to slip away more years

And have you heard the toothless men
Bound in guilt asphyxiation? The hanging tree grows wounded
Despair the sap that courses through its fibrous veins
The frigid of the earth keep chewing
The faithless of the earth keep moving
These are machines for burning history, machines for erecting
Obscenities to high office
As each shifting phase reveals anxious spittle and corrosion
A failure of our technologies to update
To keep the pace of the accelerate
An incubation chamber row on row of foetal sins
And embryonic hostage scapegoats scrapping
Wearing the veneer of skeletal bravery and endoscopic glitter

Tap my temples where these lesions grow
The noises that will not stop
A sudden schematic dislocation as the categories carcinoma
Every utterance of identity slacks off goes dancing to a sunset
Of crushed ice over semaphore the cocktail of the unheeded god
The verdict resting on the stone throw of the unbecome

A toxicology wrestling heart attack and femur
This virulence produced in the stampede of decision
Stalinist lifejackets deflate
A gulag archipelago of dementia telepathy
Each one a necrotic belly-dance for summoning
Contortionists who squeeze through the gaps in fate
A mortuary negligence that let me slip away
Holding hands with the furniture of an afterlife taste
As the books of the were being replaced
These catalogues cannot sleep beneath our girder wings
The roar of accusation
The sibilance of unsown seed frozen inside salacious mirth

Angels watch unblinking eye
All indiscriminate and sunlight guidance aetheric tidal
Gazes of the unbelieving they are the faithful cast to doubt
What value did this project ever have
As ischemic ruptures tear apart our virtual benefactors

Could it be all this is not far astray from syncopated ovulation
So as angels turn to mythframed dust men defer the title
An animate dwelling of dimensions rising
To displace the sanctity of scattered scarification
On the surface of episodic sanctions

Pidgeon throat shimmers green as red feet rise and fall
A carpark sings of speed and locomotion
And the road leads further to the North and desolation
A radio tower the only defiant testament
And when it is over will the signal echo across the world
Electronic cryptography for a newer beyond
We spread our messages

How did this stray from its original intent
And what do these words mean;
Origin – intention – an autonomic miscalculation
The adolescence of humanity
The misbegotten addiction to ancient cardiac surgery
A murdering hallowed and deserving
It keeps apace with its own indistinction until
Inch by inch by skin cell length
The meaning of it dissipates
And another sense begins to build itself
From the oldest ashen remains of what is burned in these collisions


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