Kronos’s happy children


don’t talk to me about these things
ruminant miseries complacence
a boat carries none who go through these gates
and Ys never was in order to be flooded

memorial plaques and stone etching
into the ground where the roots displace
there are always streams that spasm
voices wanting to make final declarations

i saw this once in dreaming

flatlines and linearity
the suspect cut his own throat and swerving
backwards now towards the vanguard positions
i fell in love with falling
you can dress them up as soliders
all marching unity a synchronous hell beating
but glass warps in the heat
and when ash is just snow falling from the sun

i saw this once while waking

the footstep sounds before contact
a scream before the murdering
the murdering impossible and the lovers breath
panting longing sweat and the edge of obliteration
before the very first kiss

i saw this once or twice or a thousand times
as the order of your counting clocks
the punch cards and the plans
unfettered from the groundlocked staking
and ancestors held hands with future kingdoms
the living made love to those thought dead

upsurge and counterweight and all directions
the coming is the going of
the answer pregnant with the question
hold my eyes before it ends before it starts again
the sweetness of this necromancy
that i saw once and always
that never waking and never sleeping
so i never saw


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