The inoculated

Evil is unspectacular and always human
And shares our bed and eats at our own table.- W.H Auden

fucked and falling

swagger stay on feet

a chair kicks in daze of evil’s chemical transcendence

the lowest tropes are promises

a life composed of disappointment  and debris

arguing the endless odds with tinfoil baptismal cherries

stagger sweat and closed lid hideous

poured the gift away

inconsistency a scaffold where love is ugly rumour- no evidential base

all eyes look upon

all roving bored gloom escapology derision

scorn and laughter a happy hour dynasty

of Eichmann crusading nonchalance

getting giddy in the pits from it

an probably some morality-erection straining at hypocrisy

but he is not dead yet

though weight of light and darkness crushing

and how many bedless pilgrimages across the distance

of misery and pain

gawking paradise birds chirping as arms all mangled up the back

late tap of veins and shouting for a warmplace

for misbegotten somethings on pipe cooled breath

another body for the printer ink

when all assembled rest laurels in the happy homes

(how many wives dressed in bruises or children raised by proxy?)

“such a shame”-“a waste of life”-“the poor boy”

or the simple gloaming honesty of “reduce the surplus population”

and bathing as Cleopatra whores in asses milk elixir

the fine over flowing of the look away in time

to carry on regardless as if from sin inoculated

in his pockets the silverware

but thrown out on to the streets

a round of applause a round of applause

for the kindest death he could meet

in open view for your entertainment

fucked and falling

our executioners arms wide open


2 Responses to “The inoculated”

  1. Just loved all the images and thoughts this poem generated for me…thanks!

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