smuggled knowing


this architecture howling

a reverberant mauling

come stick the disease in the eye of our children

and play shadow puppeteering

with authenticity’s stake

wide is the mouth that passes this belch

soothing soft focus deceptions commence

rail and mono and drive belt meander

a new innocence founded on

the deathblood of this

care not, drop pretension, durrkha awaiting

to fuck the new numeral

whilst wishing a death

a sin so innumerable yet so keenly felt

the stranger is lashing

a skin tender with birth

forged in a fire, forged in a lock

the key is a golem who passes dildos through our youth

recall only damp places, the tombs of

your lost

children who stammered while reading the truth

tear down all your altars, tear down all these Fates

the guild of the martyrdom preferential deferred

no single laboratory could

uncover these words that are etched on the parliament

the flock and the swarm

that pick at the charity of corpses in love

round a streetfed overholding schism

this sight is a gifting

these games are derision

what is the heresy that dragged me to this?

indulgence in empty things

indulgence in empty thing

tarnishing what should gleam

oh well, said the empire and folded its throne

the madman knows better than to

swallow these armatures

these howls mistaken for overtures

for the emptiest ones


2 Responses to “smuggled knowing”

  1. A strong contempt seems to dominate this poem….quite a poignant bit of poetry.

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