Another old poem


I had previously not wanted to share this one with anonymous readers…but…
a darkness.
warm. gentle.
no things. no
seeing, hearing.
no captation.
all withdrawn in
night blackness,
without threat
or terror.

a uterine il y a

suspended place;
dilated time.
the world with its
benign eyes.

all there is:
our bodies pressed
one to
the other.
a soft questioning
of all separation,

i am the hand,
the cupping of your figure,
the ghostly caress
of stomach, hip
and breast.
i am the holding you

the forgetting of
and the day
when i am the letting go.

but that is not yet
and the only thing
that is:

secret whisper;
our synchronised breathing,
our single breath.


One Response to “Another old poem”

  1. Really like the passion in this love poem…such vivid images.

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