Quotamatic continues


Every day seems to me a steady build up of signifiers that are covertly intended to convey the message to you that nothing will ever change, that you’re in a state of stasis. But lo and behold, come the end of the day you shut down, you have a kind of seeming death, and in the morning the whole system is booted up again, and that seems to me far more primary than this sort of con-trick that we try to perpetrate on ourselves during the day. I think the same goes for our perception of our bodies: we’re labouring to fight death, whether you think of it in Freud’s sense, a kind of death instinct, a death-drive, or whether you perceive it as a kind of unconscious acknowledgement of the cellular disintegration, the apocoposis we’re suffering all the time, the fact of the matter is that we struggle every day to say ‘I’m okay, I’m not dying, and therefore by implication I’m in a state of stasis, I’m denying the running down of this organic alarm clock we seem to be inhabiting.’

-Will Self, in interview with Tom McCarthy of The Necronautical Society


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