Something disturbing


…and disgusting.

Firstly was the news of a Facebook group in “tribute” to Raoul Moat (according to the page he was a “legend”) and the associated story of people selling T-Shirts with his face on them with the affectionate tagline of “Moaty” underneath.

If all this wasn’t bad enough the desperate-to-appear satirical Patrick Keilty said of Moat on channel 4’s Stand Up For The Week that “at least during the World Cup England had one man who had three shots on target.”

The lack of empathy is astounding… social psychopathy is on the rise.

The anonymous seller, who comes from Nottingham, described the T-shirt as ‘tasteful’ and adds: ‘Love him or hate him, Raoul Moat is the man everyone is talking about. Fans need look no further!’

Read more:

Thats right, kids! A sense of right and wrong and a commitment to that is completely out the window… there are no universal rules anymore and a murderer, himself very likely a victim of the failure of psychiatry, is now raised to the status of man-of-the-moment. Make no judgements! Just look on at the spectacle in awe.

In other worrying news…five young men (17-25) have committed suicide in Dundee in the last two weeks. This is a pretty high number. It’s only going to continue while we live in a world full of precarity, oppression, acceleration and a psychiatric service that all too often does fuck all to help, all too often making things worse.


2 Responses to “Something disturbing”

  1. Alienation is also a commodity to be sold back to us on a t-shirt.

    • 2 dronemodule

      How long until we all live in Super Cannes do you reckon?

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