In Caird park


I’ve found somewhere new. I was there just a little while ago. As I looked up at the sky, watching the perturbations in their composition, thinking of nothing at all, it suddenly opened up. Rain fell and beat against the ground and then the hail followed. I got up and went into the little cemetery nearby, standing in an arched doorway to shelter from the rain, when sheets of lightening coursed through the sky and cracking bellows disturbed the birds in the trees. I thought of something I was told recently, that inside of a single thunder cloud there is more violent energy than in any atomic bomb.

I hoped for a fork to strike the earth but it did not come. Once the hail reverted to rain I decided that sheltering was pointless, that it was in fact quite stupid. So I walked back out into the rain and watched the sky, the flashes within the clouds dancing passionately within the giant . A small cloud’s lifespan is about ten minutes and tiny bacteria can live within them, often themselves causing it to rain. As I was pelted I was smiling. A life within life.  As suddenly as it began the storm subsided. This is the pattern of all life.


2 Responses to “In Caird park”

  1. fantastic! thank you for the glimpse behind the curtain – i can almost taste the awareness.


  2. 2 dronemodule

    Cheers Michael…its something I have tended to neglect…simply being aware of things around me.

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