Its radiation


Like a leak from a reactor,

more than an atomic blast.

Quite surprising.

Ignorance is still amazing.

How didn’t I realise?

Or I did.

Hence, hiding.

Knowing where it is

How can it be lost?


6 Responses to “Its radiation”

  1. Very poignant verse…still working the words in my mind…kudos.

  2. 2 dronemodule

    Thanks dude, as ever.

  3. excellent poem!

  4. 4 dronemodule

    Thanks Jingle!

  5. Oh yea! The profundity in this poem is immense!!
    Avoidance versus Ignorance… At least that’s how I viewed the message in this poem.
    And that reminded me of some lines I had written a few days ago… here it is (in case you wish to read):

    Keep up the brilliant work..

  6. 6 dronemodule

    Thank you Kavita. I don’t think anything I’ve written has been called profound before hahaha!
    The conversational style of your poem reminds me of the “advice to young…” that people used to write.

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