Critique of OOP


Over at Ktismatics there is an interesting critique of object oriented philosophy, with some insightful and amusing commentary. For what its worth I think that John’s claim that

with respect to the relationship between minds and the objects of thought, OOO’s radically apophatic ontology seems interchangeable with a radically agnostic epistemology.

is part of the reason that I have been drawn to object oriented thinking, and also part of the reason I wouldn’t say I am an object oriented thinker (in whatever way my limited understanding would allow). I think that in a sense this radical agnosticism is precisely part of what I mean when I talk about entities being ambivalent. Its not that there is this interchangeability between ontology and epistemology more that questions of entities interrelations make this just one ambivalence that they enact. In some of my previous posts I’ve given a very vague attempt at approaching this.


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