Anyway, more about me


I’ve just had my last exam. I feel it went pretty well, although being prompted to perform a technique I could do without fault if left unprompted did throw me off somewhat. Now there is simply enjoying my placements and learning where the learning really happens in nursing, in the clinical area. My time working with people with dementia is sadly coming to an end. Had someone suggested I would not only enjoy working with people with dementia but come to feel passionately about the treatment people with this diagnosis often receive I think I’d have laughed it off. Two more weeks there and I really don’t want to go.

I’ve also had a bit more free cash recently after moving to a dump which is, qua dumpness, almost half what I was paying previously. I have still somehow managed to spend more than I ought to have, so the coming month I will be back to attempting to rational myself. But its the little things, the coffee with a friend here or the bottles of wine at the weekend, interspersed with a pre-made sandwich here and a lunch in the canteen there, that has drained it.

Anyway. This is one more personal style entry and I want to keep such things to a minimum.


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