The Restoration continues


Today Cameron gave an address to us and, nominally, to the Liberal Democrats. In it he suggested the possibility of a coalition government with Nick Clegg and he address many “big” things. This is Cameron’s latest fetish- the word big. After having addressed ‘the great ignored’ he now focussing on ‘big’ things; big society, big offers, big problems.  Yet he actually offered very little while making intimations that Britain’s USA dependent nuclear deterrents would stay in place, that savage cuts will still be made, that hard line immigration controls will be intensified and that electoral reform would be limited to adjusting the first-past the post system. In essence, and in contradistinction to Brown’s own speech from his Kirkaldy constituency last night, Cameron delivered a list of demands and generally began to assume the mantle of Prime Minister.  So Britain is Conservative again. The Restoration rolls on.

It might be really quite paranoid of me to think the following but nonetheless I can’t help but note that we live in a hedonistic, permissive culture while our economy continues to linger in precarity and  all the while their is a growing focus on electing immigrants as some contaminant that needs to be removed and rigorously controlled before we can move forward to fixing all things “broken” (another fetish word). Historical parallel’s come to mind that I will leave only hinted at for fear of breaking Godwin’s Law. Obviously things are not so dire as that just now…but ever since the financial crisis first hit we have seen a growth in the necessary conditions and some real growth in popular support and visibility for the emergence of fascism. The fear is that should the likely coalition fail there will be a further, more extreme shift to the right wing in its wake.

Its bad enough that we are living under Conservative rule again. Of course all the main parties, more or less all parties, are far less than ideal. Yet there is something about being governed by the Conservatives that instinctively creates unease and nausea, something which comes from the gut as much as historical memory.

I remind people that there are demonstrations set to take place in response to the election. More info at these URLs:


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