Election: Immigration


Immigration is being constantly reported as a deciding factor all over the country, indicating the normalisation of the swing to the right that has been building for some years. This may well explain why the Lib Dems appear not to be doing very well… when people finally come to vote I suspect the polished media performance will not be remembered, what will be remembered is the rhetoric surrounding the ‘immigrantion amnesty’.

On the Guardian’s coverage has just appeared this note, allegedly sent to the news feed author by the Tories:

if exit poll figs are correct, this is an utter rejection of Labour; Labour have lost this election;

– let’s be clear: this is an excellent result for the Conservatives;

– it’s a historic result – the most seats gained by Conservatives in any election since 1931 – more than Mrs Thatcher in 1979;

– it’s the biggest swing to Conservatives since 1931;

– as David Cameron has said, we will do what we can to provide stable government;

– if this poll is correct, it would provide a basis to govern.

– Labour can’t possibly expect to continue in government after this humiliating rejection.

– Having lost 100 seats, they are insulting the voters to suggest otherwise.

This has just been repeated on the BBC coverage with Conservative MP George Osborne saying that this election is “a clear rejection of Labour”.


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