choose your poison


Our diseases are our attachments, be they habits, ideologies, ideals, principles, possessions, phobias, gods, cults, religions, what you please. Good wages can be a disease just as much as bad wages. Leisure can be just as great a disease as work. Whatever we cling to, even if it be hope or faith, can be the disease which carries us off. Surrender is absolute: if you cling to even the tiniest crumb, you nourish the germ which will devour you…

-Henry Miller


Suddenly everything is pathogenic.

The spirit of fascism is the one that seeks purity;

ideological, theoretical, racial,

practical, doctrinal,

maybe even in a world in which objects

never touch one another,

or where hearts never touch

each other’s centres.

To live we require commitments and

they must be the right


We must separate attachment

from commitment,

even if they are more or less

the same. To commit to something,

anything, is to be aware of its pathogenic properties,

its destructive capabilities,

to all the subtle or overt forms

of death

it sneaks in. To commit is to choose one’s diseases

as diseases,

to adopt a kind of pathology

and inhabit a traumatic field.

Commitment is a matter of virulence

and communicability,


and reservoirs,

of being simply one thing

in chain of things.

commitment is not a lifestyle,

not an aesthetic of existence,

but a metaphysical ecology

of contamination and,

as in  masochism,

a certain kind of surrender.


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