Petition to Save Philosophy at Middlesex


Middlesex University is to close it’s Philosophy Department following its failure to prove enough of a financial asset, despite being pretty much the only thing the university is known for being, as it is, internationally renowned for its post-graduate courses and staff. Even the undergraduate degree programme, at the time I took it certainly, is braver than most institutions. It is also a crucial hub for philosophy, political thought and research in the UK. Their CRMEP is composed of brilliant professors and associates and is responsible for some of the most engaging and important (not to mention public) seminars and workshops.

If the CRMEP and the programmes attached to it die, there won’t be much left for the University and a huge piece of London and the UK’s intellectual life will be missing.

This is a petition against the closure.

Even if philosophy and political theory are not your thing, you have to admit that this is just the latest in a line of closures where departments have failed to meet their financial targets. The Academy not only fetishises business studies approaches but it becomes the spear head of coming Career Institutes, in which the only value is that recognised by capital.


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