volcanic actions


Personally, I take a bit of pride in that anarchist volcano of ours, and suggest it will be considered as an honorary member of the Tarnac 9. As a manifesto it is obviously coherent with the ‘No demands’ tactics of some recent movements both sides of the Atlantic. And as of yet the damage done by it more or less only hits polluting big business, already significantly lessening this year’s carbon footprint by amounts equal to the annual output of several third world states combined.

-Haukur Már Helgason, quote reposted from Infinite Thought.

The volcano has certainly been on object acting other objects, including ourselves. Isn’t this a very obvious kind of example of what it means for objects to act and why OOP declares that it can enrich our politics? Elsewhere I have seen the (entirely reactionary) comment that in a few days the volcano did more to ‘solve immigration’ than however many years of Gordon Brown. Its clear the volcano is relating politically. The volcano, in its mute anarchism, has been an opaque agitator…an actant.

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