not only am i incredibly annoyed that the oop conference in dundee, where i live, clashed with my holiday back down to london (meaning i had to miss it) i have also just remembered that the Haiti and the Politics of the Universal conference was yesterday. due to having started my clinical placement there was no chance i could have made it anyway. still, in the seven months i’ve been living in scotland i somehow seem to have managed to miss all the events i had been anticipating. some months ago i also missed James Williams of Dundee University giving a talk on Deleuze due to lectures over running.

missing the two most recent of these events is especially galling both featured Peter Hallward as a guest speaker, the man who supervised my undergraduate dissertation (among other far more important things), whom i would have enjoyed saying hello to.

i anticipate missing many more such events. its a hard life. etc.

still, i can’t complain too much as thus far my clinical placement (in a dementia day-hospital) has proved to be fascinating, enjoyable and, even already so early on, very rewarding. my original intention was to move into psychoanalysis or some other mode of psychotherapy but for one reason and another, largely the one reason that always determines these things*, i couldn’t. just now though, away from the soporifics of the lecture theatre, opting for mental health nursing is making more and more sense all the time.

speaking of which, i should to bed lest i collapse mid-assessment.

*for all those lucky enough to be in doubt, i’m talking about money; the lack thereof.


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