living without correlation


Things become more real in proportion to the unreality of individual lives. The world has never been more real than it is now.

-Don DeLillo, Americana

It strikes me as strange, and yet obvious somehow, that as I explore the erosion of selfhood (or the mutation of personhood) I am increasingly drawn to object-oriented ways of thinking. It is as if in the same moment that the psychopathology of post-traumatism becomes the hegemonic mode of subjectivity there emerges a concomitant alteration in our mode of philosophising. If every liberation is also a loss then the reverse is equally true. As we loss something of ourselves, the life of objects even, especially, as indifferent to humanity, becomes thinkable to us once more.

Where fictions are real, in and as Illusion, neurology provides a picture of the distributed system that gives rise to personhood; a set of objects giving rise to a new object. Like survivors of some anonymous psychic car-crash we find ourselves staring up at the walls, asking whether the angle between them walls has a happy ending. This is perhaps the paradoxical experience of a lived anti-correlationism: derealisation the liberation of the virtual.


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