riven hot despairing

during breaks from you total loss of orientation to the rules employed in days
drunk and evaporated a twitching brain still struggling with disregard for ordering

in supermarket isle yoghurt pots and milk sent downward thrust smashing to the well mopped floor and i am screaming as they repeat the old calm down calm down
manager approaching as i’m dragged away kicking he speaks something and in return reprise the screaming now guttural now deathly pure rage noise despair as sound-wave as senseless protest in the face of a man doing a shitty job in the night

riven with his own hot despair not screaming at him but beyond him towards some monstrous spherea pathetic barbarian grunting impotent to meaning



One Response to “riven hot despairing”

  1. Wow what a visual image to go along with the poem…they do compliment one another.

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