A quick note on two Absurdists


Eugen Ionescu: his absurd characterises the condition of connectivity and hyper-communication, of an overexposed proximity and an over worked brain.

Samuel Beckett: master of the aphasic discourse, which many of the poems in this blog inherit. There is the intuition in this that the aphasic speech is the only possible speech.

An aphasic person: ‘My most valuable tool is words, the words I can now use only with difficulty. My voice is debilitated – mute, a prisoner of a communication system damaged by a stroke that has robbed me of language’

Without words we loose part of the productive capacity we have to simply the world but also the symbolic dimension of our existence; at the same time this exclusion from language is a destitution of our ability to share and therefore to hold anything in common. Aphasic speech therefore corresponds to the experience post-traumatism, even if the former does not necessarily or even often follow from the latter.


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