connective tissues


demanding histological reinvention:

recalling shapeless curvatures of time,

little dints cast gallows shade in infinite varities

through and under phosphorescence.

daydream daggered erasure of it, and sometimes

looping forward in a glittering motion,

a seasickness drunken pill to genuflect at emptying

and scissors cackling a frenzied spree of it.

turbulent, tumescent blossoming aetiology iridescent,

sleeper cells in maladapted skeletons for rising

and folded half and halved again the waning sun that spits

only ever warning shots, too our disappointments.

hangmen seeps from porous surface, ghosting through the walls

and intimate with every cave came flooded with alarm,

these pathogenic messages come infective from your tongues

and send false reports of missing astronauts who failed to make favourites,

in a catacomb incarceration of soul displacing airports.

countless counting of pathology and rising til the mirror sways

we cannot diagnose and we cannot say, but

wires wind upwards and around a crystal ball for

children’s entertainment. reflux everything i swallowed,

corrosive of the heart. and recollect the disconnect,

it comes always autoimmune, breaking down,

liberating, unplugging from

the start.


2 Responses to “connective tissues”

  1. these pathogenic messages come infective from your tongues

    and send false reports of missing astronauts who failed to make favourites

    i like this because you just dont expect the second line

    ps. study ahem,,,====>>>>> x

  2. A very interesting poem…I kept thinking about my neuroanatomy classes…very painful memories…enjoyed your poem.

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