broke again


in a city of the broke forever


no money

no wonderland

instead biscuits and stolen coffee

poncing cigarettes

we’re all middle class now


bars on the window

nothing in the belly

this is not a lifestyle choice


4 Responses to “broke again”

  1. 1 dronemodule

    I’m not entirely happy with the formatting of this one but the wordpress editor won’t let me have it as I want it, for some unknown reason.
    Its that top line, its ugly.

  2. You reminded me of a time when I would run my hand along the edge of the sofa…in hopes that a friend had lost some change…very nice poem.

  3. I liked this poem. And unfortunately, I think it’s something with which we can all relate now.

  4. 4 dronemodule

    Thanks to you both. Yes, it is unfortunate that so many might relate to this. Unfortunate but not at all surprising.

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