you are a well known fake


-a little bare in here

as in a hospital bathroom

-where is my panic button?

where’s mine?

– left it by the window on starless night

i never had one

-easy enough to obtain


-cannot write in a room so intimate

go outside, breath the air

-hold opinons none can fathom?

i cannot leave

-could i?

a huge seagull is taunting me

– improve a photo once given

in the library?

-fetch me some Molliere, could you?

yet we are ignorant of anything but careers


shall we go to a real city?

-more than likely

which of us is real then?

-whichever is lavished in hate


One Response to “you are a well known fake”

  1. Again you use an interesting structure to convey you overall meaning…enjoyed this one and the images it created.

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