One of the theorists that I feel strongly aligned to, in terms of my ‘project’ on psychopathology and capitalism, is Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi. At the moment, sitting on my desk beside me, is a copy of his most recently translated text The Soul at Work which I intend to start reading tomorrow. This post-marxist, post-autonomia thinker, most strongly influenced by the Italian autonomia movement, D&G and Baudrillard (and undoubtedly Virilio) should be read by all a y’all.

Essentially, Bifo’s horizon in this book is the same as mine and can be summed up in his own phrase that the classically Marxist problems with capitalism have been adjoined by a

new framework of alienation which is psychopathology.

In lieu of having been able to attend, due to the (not actually surpassed) bastard that is geography I’m grateful to Infinite Thought for sticking up her notes on a recent talk he has given. Read it or be forever banished from the interwebs.


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