some quotes on speed


Slowly and with suffering, I have reconquered through slavery my feeling of the dignity of being human, a feeling that this time did not reside in anything external, and was always accompanied by the consciousness that I had no right to anything, that each instant free from suffering and humiliations was to be received as a grace, as the simple result of favorable luck. This slavery is defined by two factors: speed and orders.

-Simone Weil

… the more speed increases, the faster freedom decreases.

-Paul Virilio

[Society’s accelerated speed produces] mental breakdowns of varying kinds

-Marshal McLuhan

Time-based psychobombs are exploding in the interconnected global mind. The effect is unpredictable.


And as if to connect the related issues of psychopathology, post-traumatism, speed and the desolation of worlds that is discussed in The Invisible Committee’s ‘Call’:

The acceleration and intensification of nervous stimulants on the conscious organism seems to have thinned the cognitive film that we might call sensibility.



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