Communiqué Disfigured #2


Note attractions near to and far and gathering redolence for insurrectionary idleness. We find a single signet dying in blood, all dried crackling pavement speaking night is a time of fun and fists. Never thought a cradle misshapen and a dull breeze of a Messiah. Keep watchful upright on the bow of evening for some mild apocalypse. Didn’t the neutral send sardonic execution? I make mistake and rectify and forget so return to original defiled.

There is an invitation of colder gloaming faces all huddled warmth of pumping depressive delectation. Not so admired as past responding. Sway inside. Keep shuttered. Picture pits filled high with this and know pedagogy. Remiss to make the error plain but hidden in an open, illuminated by fire of illusion. Keep delusional inside this to repent. Keep sobrieties final gesture. There is a mountain concrete rammed through a spire where we pray for an education. Value vomits up a hole, pisses down a well. Slender are the avenues and feckless go the crowd. Keep with them. All else is an heroism, tragic from swollen reflections.


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