On Boredom


I’ve always thought that comedians often make the best cultural commentaries, exceeding our Adorno’s or Debord’s in fact of their concision. Recently, having moved to Dundee from London some months ago, I’ve been feeling incredibly bored. The realisation is that in this city there are, after around 8pm, two choices left to you: Sit in doors or go to a bar or club. Aside from takeaway joints there isn’t even anywhere to go and eat. Now this wouldn’t be so bad if it was a rural area, there you  expect a dearth of things to do, but this is a city. I think there is a point to be made about how some people in Scotland view London- and by extension other metropolises- that they are in fact right, London urbanites do tend to think everywhere else is rubbish in comparison. I’m pretty sure New Yorkers, Dubliners and so on think the same way. Its because what these places have is a cultural life plugged into modernity’s thirst for the New, and postmodernism’s love of the eccentric. Given a choice between the home/pub decision and what I once viewed as a terribly empty night life and a commodified culture, I would pick the later.


2 Responses to “On Boredom”

  1. im just not sure you are giving things a chance…its only been 4 months,no one builds a new life in that time….your mindset seems to be constant comparison and could lead you to make everything in boxes…not very helpful advice i suppose, but you have far more at your disposal than i and others do…maybe your wanting it this way so the future decision is made easier to say…..

  2. 2 dronemodule

    That’d be easy to swallow if the point about cities like Dundee was spurious. These really are the choices in Dundee… stay home or drink yourself to fuck. There are other things/places, but they aren’t the kind of thing you can do without spending excessively or they only come around once every two weeks (like the philosophy research seminars at the University of Dundee).

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